Steal Sienna’s Look

Steal Sienna's Look

Helmut Lang white top

MANGO floral skirt

H by Hudson leather booties

Hat Attack long shawl


60 Second Style: Meeting The Parents

60 Second Style: Meeting The Parents

thought of the day

Do you ever randomly see something in your mind? Something that you think you made up? It could be a face or a place or even a perfect outfit you thought up of. Well those thoughts are actually things that are later going to come in contact with you. Let’s say for example you see the perfect outfit in mind for a party you’re going to soon. The first thing you do is go to the mall and shop for it right? You always seem to end up buying that EXACT same outfit. That’s just how powerful our minds are; we visualize things and bring them to us. The next time you have a negative thought, ignore it and replace it with a good one.


90s Inspo

I’ll admit,  I used to despise the whole 90’s trend revival. I was so sick of it being everywhere, grungey plaid shirts, baby doll dresses, I just didn’t understand all the fuss! Then I came across the ultimate 90’s icon : Cindy Crawford. As a girl who is absolutely obsessed with models, Cindy just checks off everything that a model should be. Beauty, brains, and style. She is my ultimate 90’s style icon. Her whole look is the epitome of effortlessly beautiful supermodel. From the hair, to her flawless makeup, she never fails to stun me with her classic beauty.

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Who are your style inspirations?

Top bag picks

Givenchy red leather bag
$1,475 –

Alexander McQueen metallic purse
$1,790 –

where to begin…

I’ve been contemplating for a while whether or not to start a blog. With me trying to figure out exactly what I want in life has been more than stressful for me. Having only a few more months left until I graduate university, my quarter life crisis has come early. Yes, I am aware that at 21, I’m still too young to go through it, but seeing everyone around me knowing what they want to do with their life just accelerates it.  It’s not that I don’t have interests or hobbies, its more of that I have too many interests and a few hobbies that I can’t just decide on one.This blog is going to be about all my interests from art, to fashion, to beauty, and sometimes even book recommendations. It’s also a place for me to post my work which includes: writing, art, and photography. I’m hoping for this blog to become a place that’s filled with inspiration for me, and a platform to figure exactly what it is that I’m looking for.